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Clarinet 1
Bassoon 1
Horn 1
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Grand Diploma of Orchestral Specialisation

Professional Postgraduate. Recognised by University of Santiago de Compostela.
60 ECTS credits.


Admission and application

Instrumentalists of the specialties offered in possession of a higher degree

Ordinary call:

-Course terms.

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Percussion study.

Trials timetable.

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Extraordinary call:

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List of people admitted after the test and waiting list

Inscripción al curso

Tuition and scholarships


Up to €300 monthly scholarship.

Possibility of accommodation at the Burgo das Nacións University Residence (180 meters from the School).


A - Instrumental specialisation

Individual classes
Each student will receive a minimum of 40 hours of personalised instrumental practice from their tutor/teacher distributed throughout the academic year.

Master classes with visiting professors
EAEM students will receive individual classes by soloists of international relevance, either invited by the RFG or hired for the purpose.

B - Practices with the RFG
Each student, with the supervision of his tutor, will join the RFG participating in various programs of the season (academic cycle).

C - Chamber music and instrumental ensemble
All students will participate in programs related to group practice that will materialize in public concerts throughout the academic year.

D - Theoretical subjects
Theoretical-practical content applied to instrumental practice, knowledge of the professional world as well as aspects related to the acquisition of a good mind-body disposition will be taught.

E - End of course project
In order to obtain the postgraduate degree, students must carry out an end-of-course project that will basically consist of the preparation and interpretation of public concerts that imply an outstanding soloist participation, either in individual or ensemble concerts.


Students will be guided from the outset by their respective tutors, who will follow an individualised and detailed training itinerary, taking into account the special characteristics of each student.

This educational programming will guarantee the students training and will allow them to obtain the necessary credits for their accreditation as a specialist. The fit of each student in the orchestra programs will be set by the Director, after deliberation by the Educational Commission.

In order for students to rehearse both individually and collectively, the EAEM will guarantee classrooms and study booths for everyone at the school headquarters.

As it is an eminently practical course, the instrumental subjects will have a higher non-contact study load than the face-to-face one.


La EAEM cuenta con un profesorado altamente cualificado,
compuesto de músicos de la propia Real Filharmonía de Galicia.

They talk about their training

Aida López


I only have positive words for this project of which I was a part. Highly qualified teachers, I especially highlight my teacher, a respectable and admirable person to say the least. We receive extensive training, particularly in the repertoire for orchestra tests, our concerts and orchestral passages. Some facilities conditioned to the student body for the development of their own personal study. Practices with the RFG where the majority made you feel like one of them, even giving the opportunity to play as soloists with the support and encouragement of all of them. To all this is added an environment and a magical city. In conclusion, a complete year, unforgettable for a lifetime.

Ismael Vidal


Being part of CAEO was one of the most rewarding training opportunities.

Carlos Gay Fernández


Member and founder of the DACAP wind quintet (various awards).

Key training and environment for a young student looking to gain professional experience and aiming to win an audition. I fully advise it.

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Since 1997, a training project integrated with the Royal Philharmonic of Galicia.

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